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      Literature Circle is where we express our creative writing skills.  If you would like your work submitted on here just simply send it to my inbox and tell me if you would like your username or real name to be used.  No one is allowed to take the work of anyone on here and call it their own.  You may ask the owner of the work but I highly suggest that you don't.  Something may go terribly wrong and you'll be in major trouble.  Anyway, let your creativity flow!  Show the world what you're made of!

The Truth Hurts by KennaSade

Added: 4/9/10

You always think you know someone

When the truth is that you never do

You think you know all there is about them

When the truth is that you don't have a clue!

About what they do or what they think

When the truth is that they do a lot when you're away...


Are they talking about you?

Are they laughing at you?

When the truth is that they're doing both


So how could you stay?

Did you think by you staying, you'd help them appreciate?

When the truth is that you're helping them hate!

Helping them hate you more for changing them

When the truth is that changing them, changes you!

They're trying to call out to you...

When the truth is coming from friends or your family


From Childhood to Womanhood by KennaSade

Added: 4/9/10

Poor Lucy sat on a bench

After a while, came an old wise wench

"Poor Lucy," she said,"How do you feel today, on this warm, fine day in May?"

"I feel terrific, Old Wise Wench!" Poor Lucy cried,

"I can open and close my eyes and make eggs fried!"

"Really?  How so?  What else have you tried?", the Old Wise Wench asked.

"I tied a perfect knot that would've made a man cry. 

And sang such a great song, not an eye in the world was dry."


"Yes!  Go on!  What else, my dear?"

"I'm bigger and stronger and no longer have things to fear."

"My dear, my dear, you know what you've got? 

It's a strong case of Womanhood and you've got a lot!"


Yes, Womanhood!"

"Is there really such a thing?"

"Womanhood is everything and anything it shall be.

It's when a girl becomes a woman, no longer a sweet pea."

"Thank you Old Wise Wench!"

And with that,

Poor Lucy got up from the bench.

Alissa's Dribble by KennaSade

Added: 4/9/10

Run, kick, and dribble

Any mouse would surely take a dribble

At what I've got to say about this

If you run and kick

You better not miss!

"Alissa, HOORAY!  You've saved the day!"

As my team members heave me onto their shoulders,

And I'll tell you right now,

I weigh much less than a boulder!


Coach calls to us,


I trip and fall into a puddle

Almost real it seems

Now, please, stay out of my dreams!

Alligator by KennaSade

Added: 4/9/10

      It was nightfall at a local Florida bayou.  A very famished alligator crawled out of the swamp. 

He could hear the sound of a party going on in a nearby house.  The screen door was open.  The alluring scent of meat wafted through the air.  The alligator crept into the house unseen.  With everyone talking, eating, having a great time, the alligator saw his chance to start gorging himself on the food.  So he carefully went, unnoticed, into the kitchen and began his meal.  Finally after completing his dinner, he spied over at a purse sitting on a stool.  In some way this "thing" seemed oddly familiar to him.  After realizing what it was, the alligator went berserk.

All I'm going to say is, if you are somewhere any animal can just walk in, you might want to hide anything related to it.  Those people were not prepared for what happened.  I can truly say that they learned a valuable lesson.

Womanhood by KennaSade

Added: 4/10/10


You stand tall and you stand proud

Show the rest that you think higher than clouds


You provide for yourself and your family

You do it all without rest, coffee, or tea


No one ever stands in your way

You get what you need done, not tomorrow but today


You expect no more or no less

But you do expect, only the best


You are you, and no one can take that away

You are, and always will be, you to this day


Comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors

We are individuals, but we stand together in trouble


You are now a woman, show the world who you are

Baby girl, you will now and forever be a star

Pride by KennaSade

Added: 4/10/10

      You have probably felt pride before but have never known that is what it was.  Pride comes in many, many ways.  You might recognize these as things that have occured to you.  They are basically where pride comes from.

      Pride is feeling your child kiss you on the cheek and giving you a big hug after you have bought her a new cell phone that none of her friends have.  To hear her endlessly screeching with joy and exuberance, forcing you to wear a pair of earmuffs with pillows underneath.  It speaks so loudly that it could shatter any glass in the house.  Or anywhere else for that matter.  It might even bend plastic.  You feel great, like you're the best person on the face of the Earth.  No one can possibly knock you down.

      Pride looks like hard work paid off.  It could be a promotion.  A plaque for "Employee of the Month!"  Your new born!  Or getting fantastic grade on something.  Even taking pride in knowing you did it yourself.

      It's freshly made food, made by "your" hands.  You take a bite and no matter if you made meatloaf, it melts in your mouth.  It tastes like sweet victory.  Pride is stronger than any wrestler.  Faster than the speed of light.  Pride lasts forever!  But if you don't pay attention, it will be like you never even had any.  Pride may come in many forms, but you didn't.  It may last forever, but you don't.  Focus on you.

                                              Have pride.

Disco Ball by KennaSade

Added: 4/10/10

Many people do my dance down below

Diagonally, their arms go up and down

Any minute now my chain could break, letting me fall

Desperately to the floor and crash

Inhaling the lovely treats and drinks

Wishing they'd last

People laughing, having a great time

As I spin, not even a line

Just air and darkness touches me


If only I could be with the people below

To sprout arms and legs

Please, I beg

To form a mouth and lips and eat the

Delicacies calling my name below

Oh, how I wish to be human


But suddenly I realize these people

I adore so, are overaged

20, 30, many decades have past them

I swing madly from the ceiling in great rage

I've never seen anything like this

People, younger I've seen, very hard to miss

But I've never ever seen people like this

This is horrible, yes indeed, GET ME OUT OF HERE!

I plead

I no longer wish this horror

I think I'll just keep my honor!

A Turn for the Worst by KennaSade

Added: 4/10/10

Here it comes

Lord, I see it now

My fate has been told

The dreaded curse has been cast

Lord, I believe it's been here

Standing there so tall and bold


I love you, Lord

Don't you believe me?

i thought you did...

I thought I was your favorite child

How could you...

Why did you let this happen?

Did you know of this from the start?

You'd have had to!

How could you not?

Apparently EVERYONE knew

But Lord, why not me?

It would have been our little secret

Our secret called, My Fate


Such a beautiful secret to keep

But such an ugly one to hear

Lord, oh Lord!

I think it'd be absolutely swell

If you didn't keep secrets from me

I'm a big girl.  I can handle the truth

Not such a hard thing to do


Lately your trust in me has been fading

Since the last time we've talked

Please make it clearer

I know you've not lost faith

We can do this, Lord!

We'll pull through this, Lord!

You've got to try!

Please, I'll cry!

I loved this world!

Sadly, it did not love me back...

Some Friend You Are by KennaSade

Added: 4/10/10

Some friend you are!

How could you do this to me?

I thought we were tighter

Than Bacon and Cheese

Now it seems, that we are now Liver and Peas

Urgh, I want my REAL friend back!  Please!


I thougt things were going fine

Smooth sailing from here

Until the words of your evil ways hit my ear

Obviously, and truly, you aren't a real friend

Atleast not to me!

You are NOT someone of which I can depend


Though it seems

I am mad at you

I still care deeply

Don't you?

We've hit rocks

Destroyed boulders

And drained creeks

But as of lately

Our bond has grown weak

You're Angry? by KennaSade

Added: 4/10/10

You're Angry?!

Angry, for what?

I do not understand

Is it that you do not feel in demand?


Do you want to be the boss?

To run peoples' lives

Is that what you want?

To make others cry?


How selfish!

How devious!

You're a monster!

Yes!  It's true!

How could I have associated

With the likes of you?


Was I under the influence?

Was I taken away,

By all the times that you chose to say,"Hey!"?


It's over for now

I can't take the hurt any longer

I want you out

Please don't dilly dally or wonder

Leave my life NOW!

You're a goner


Are you still angry, my dear?

Boy, I hope you are!

You need to feel my pain

Because the way you feel is off by far

I'M SUPERIOR! by KennaSade

Added: 4/10/10

I am superior to you!

Don't believe me?

How dare you?

It's the simple truth

I've got brains

You've got brawns

But tell me

Since when has that ever helped you?

I've got my wits

You have your abs

They still can't teach you to add!

Just admit it

I'm a genius!

Why must you look so mad?


I shall tutor you

And make you smart

Listen honey

It's a simple art



Changed your mind?

I knew you would

You can't stay mad at me

It's simply impossible

Like eating a tree


Well, like I said

I am superior to you

Ah!  Go cry at home!

Boo hoo hoo!

The People Searched by KennaSade

Added: 4/10/10

      The people searched with fear of all kind, they looked high and low.  Buster!  Emily!  Why aren't they answering their family?  The people loved and took care of them.  No dog can speak.  The mother and daughter cry, the father sighs, and the little brother, he asks,"Why?"  They search.  No dogs to be found.  Not one hair from the furry hounds.  Hoot!  Hoot! A nearby owl calls out.  The people whine.  But Emily and Buster jump up on top of the family.  Knocking them down and wiping away their frowns.

The Phone Rings by KennaSade

Added: 4/10/10

      The phone rings.  But no one wants to answer the call.  They sit on the couch in fear.  No one answers the call that no one wants to hear.  As if the phone understands, it ceases to ring.  The family sits longer, as if this was all a trick.  As if lasers would start shooting.  They went back to what they were doing.  Then the phone rang, but before anyone could stop the youngest daughter, she picked up the phone.  Now in flames.

I Am the Moon by KennaSade

Added: 4/10/10

I am the Moon

You are the Sun

I bring Romance

So I guess you bring Fun

We are mostly different

Hardly ever the same

I am Beautiful

You are Hot

I am a Star

And you are Not!

Why Are You So Blue? by KennaSade

Added: 4/10/10





Tell me please

Why are you so blue

Are you sad?


Do you have the flu?

Honestly, I don't have a clue!


Why won't you talk?

Does the cat have your tongue too?

Oh my gosh!

You're choking!

What do I do?

Now you're purple!

What CAN I do?

I know!

I'll let your GIRLFRIEND take care of you!

Inspiration by KennaSade

Added: 4/10/10

I feel inspired tonight

I'm going to sit and write

About all the things

Anything at all that rings

Things that were in my head all day

I finally get them out today

The more my inspiration grows

The longer my poem flows

As the words fly off the page

Like bits and pieces of sage

They leave my mind

Far behind

And enter your brain

Like a rainbow after rain

And if you don't like my poems

Then you can go find some gnomes

Tell them how desperate you are

To be a poetry superstar

Where's your sense of humor?

What?  Do you have an Anti-Funny tumor?

If you've got a problem with me

Take it up with little T!

Who Said Clothes Don't Make the Man? by KennaSade

Added: 4/12/10

      Who said clothes don't make the man?

Oh yes, they do!

They most certainly can!

If clothes don't make the man,

Then explain how suits make the taxman!

How do they make the grocer on duty?

How do they turn the beast into a beauty?

How do they transform a shark

Into a work of art?

Clothes do wonderful things!

Like turn you into a queen

They can turn a prince into a pauper

Or a cricket into a grasshopper!

You'll never know

How far a pair of pants will go

Inside a world with many things

You can become almost anything!

Thanksgiving Poem by Lauren Jenkins

Added: 4/12/10

Winter is in the air,

Turkeys are everywhere.

Leaves are changing colors,

Falling off the trees.

Falling like a path,

A path made just for me.

As I skip to my home,

With the smell of baked turkey in the air,

Stuffing,turkey,eggs and more,

We have a feast with food galore!

I am off of school,

My father is off from work,

And my mother is being a fabulous cook!

It's a gathering of family and friends,

Which means the fun never ends!

And when the day is done, and we all go home,

I think of what my mother just told me,

And just as my mother told me before,

We have much to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving

A Pastoral Poem by Lauren Jenkins

Added: 4/12/10

I watch the trees,

The trees swaying in the breeze.

As you my darling,

Sit along with me.

We lay gently in the pasture,

On a hill of green,

Watching the sea of blue,

Pass before our eyes.

Oh, the day has almost gone by,

Oh, one more day, just one more day!

Is the time that has gone by,

And this, with you, I want to spend my time,

As you my darling, now leave my side.


Christmas Poem by Lauren Jenkins

Added: 4/13/10

Christmas time is near,

The new is year is here.

You can hear the jingle bells ring,

With a special sort of ding,

That makes you feel the joy and warmth,

That Christmas brings to all.

Santa is on his way,

Riding in his sleigh,

With all his reindeer friends,

And Rudolph in the lead,

All of them feeling the powerful need,

To bring happieness to all the children of the world.

The world is at its true happiest,

The point where Christmas brings out  the kindness,

Hidden deep within us.

So at this time of giving and friends,

Let us remember how the lord,

Gave us his one and only son.

To save us,


And to remind us that his love never ends.


Invisible by KennaSade

Added: 4/14/10

I am

Not in sight

Visible, I am to only me

Impossible to see

Sneaky and clever

Impossibly devious

Blind,  you are to my presence

Leaving no traaces left behind

Elaborately and forever plotting

You Will Be Mine!  by KennaSade

Added:  5/16/10

I shall tell

Really tell you

That you WILL be mine!

I shall remind you everyday

That you are so absolutely fine!

I will cover you with kisses

And smother you in my hugs!

You WILL be mine

My little love bug

Do you love me?

I hope you love me...

There's no way that you can't!

We will be together FOREVER

My darling eggplant

We will dance in the moonlight

And sing on Mars

I will follow you EVERYWHERE

With my fingers nesting lovingly in your hair!

Come join me!

Away we shall go!

Wait, hold up!

SHE'S not coming!

That chick's got to go!

Move off my man!

I won't tell you twice!

I think your amber locks would look lovely...

With a bit of LICE!

Now that she's gone...

Forever, out of the way...

You will propose to me by moonlight!

We will kiss by moonlight!

We shall talk of our future by moonlight

For tonight is MY night!

As are the rest of yours...

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