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      Here's some FUN STUFF to keep you busy. ENJOY! Please remember if you have any suggestions feel free to leave me a note. I will take any suggestions as long as they are appropriate!



   Have any girl related problems?  She answers stuff from life to boys to friend problems.  It's a simple process, ask a question, get an answer.  If you ask a question, then you can expect an answer the same day or the next day.  That's just how fast she works.  Just click on this link and go to her guestbook page and ask your question.  Or stay on here and add her as a friend and send her your personal question.  Don't worry, Ask-A-Girly is not me!  Whatever you ask her I will never know.  I bet you feel bad that you get to have a secret conversation with her and I will never know what you said.  But it's ok, because if you say something very, very, wrong, she'll tell me.

 Ask-A-Girly's web address: http://www.ask-a-girly.webs.com/




What Fun........


  Need to Know What the Future Holds in Store For YOU?!

  Well, you've come to the right crystal ball!  It lets you know anything you need to know!  Just as long as you're asking a yes or no question!  Go ahead!  Give it a shot, Kiddo!  Unless you're not up for the challenge!  I TOTALLY understand!  I mean, who wants to know if someone is planning to ask them out?  Certainly not you!  :)


1.)  Never allow someone to be your priority while you allow yourself to be their option!  :)

2.)  Crushes are nice!  :)  But NEVER let them ruin a friendship!

3.)  Having a clique doesn't necessarily mean excluding others!

4.)  People lie.  So what?  Don't let that get you down!  Keep trusting!  :)

5.)  It's not always fun to be the tough guy, but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do!

6.)  The Mistletoe should be used on Valentine's Day instead of at Christmas time.  Since Valentine's Day is about LOVE and Christmas is more about Jesus Christ and family, not tricking someone to kiss you!  ;)

7.)  Get to know people!  The better you know them, the better the gift you can get them for their birthday or holidays!  That'll get you on their good side!

8.)  Don't be a hypocrit!  Telling someone not to do something then going back and doing the same thing is dumb and unnecessary!  Either don't do it or keep your opinions to yourself!  It makes you look bad!

9.)  Procrastinating never got anyone anything but trouble!

10.)  Gossip may be fun to hear but don't spread it!  That makes you just as guilty as the person who told you!  So quit it!

11.)  Sometimes things look tempting.  But if you let everything tempt you, you won't know good temptation from bad temptation.

12.)  Don't do anything that you can be black mailed with later!  Keep a clean rep, Kid!  You shall overcome all abusers of power!  :D

13.)  In a world of apples, don't ask for Lemonade!

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