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  Thank you for visiting this extremely AWESOME website where you can blog with other members safely!  Send me stuff that you would like seen on this cool site!  Enter contests.  AND much, much, more. Yes, there are rules.  But the most important rule is to have fun!  Always invite friends.  The more friends there are, the cooler this website will be.  I don't have any of those super fancy dictionary things to keep people from saying the wrong stuff.  But if anyone steps out of line they will be banned from this website!  Got it?  Good!  Now start clicking!  Or be forever cursed!  Just kidding!  But dude, seriously, you MIGHT want to navigate around the website!  Just FYI!

P.S. Don't forget to have FUN!   

By The Way....

     When you leave the HOMEPAGE to go see another page the music is going to cut off.  So unless you want to be sitting in an uncomfortable and awkward silence, I suggest that you open my website on two pages (one for listening to music on the homepage & another to view the other pages).  And if you don't like the artists who are playing, just skip ahead.  Or you want to listen to a certain artist then wave your mouse over the JUKEBOX and it will stop moving.  When it does that, select the artist that you would like to listen to.  They are all really great, but that is MY opinion.  But I ask you, which one matters most?  Mine or yours?  And don't say the obvious one (MINE!).

Tired of hearing BLAH! BLAH! BLAH!?

  Then you need to hear something actually worth listening to.  Like these great songs on MY station!  Thanks to Jango.com you can create your own station that people all over the world can listen to!  Finally, get a break from real stations playing the same boring song every 10 minutes.  With Jango you get radio YOU control!!  Don't believe me?  (How Dare YOU!!!)  Then go to http://jango.com/ and find out for yourself! 

 *Want me to add artists to my station, then tell me!!!  Unless they are terrible, then DON'T!  But before you tell me, please make sure that I don't already have them on here.

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